Get Creative to Declutter

Transforming clutter into organized storage spaces is the perfect way to start fresh as the seasons shift to cooler weather. Think you need to hire a contractor or buy expensive organization systems? Think again. We’re full of simple, creative, do-it-yourself ideas to straighten up all the stuff your family accumulates – without breaking the bank.

  • Kitchen storage lids. Why is it that you can never find the right lid for your plastic container? Use freestanding wire shelves in your cabinets and search no more. Store each lid or lid type on each wire “shelf” so they’re easy to find at a glance.
  • Below-the-sink cleaners. If storage space beneath your kitchen sink is at a premium, hang your trigger sprayer bottles instead: Install a cheap drapery tension rod from wall to wall inside your cabinet and suspend each trigger from it.
  • Hanging clothes. Are you reluctant to weed out clothing to donate at the end of the year? Here’s a free but long-term solution for deciding what to keep: Turn all of your hangers backwards (loop facing toward you). As you wear and re-hang items, hang them correctly again. Next year at this time, give away everything that’s still backwards.
  • Purses and bags. Get bulky bags off of hard-to-see shelves with shower curtain hooks hung in your closet.
  • Sheets. It’s tough to keep folded sheets (especially fitted sheets) looking tidy – use one of the matching pillowcases to store each set.

As you’re taming the clutter in all your home’s nooks and crannies, keep EcoLogic® Ant & Roach Killer2 on hand to kill bugs by contact where they hide, including in cracks, crevices and openings around drains and pipes, along baseboards and behind cabinets. Made with natural cornmint oil, cinnamon oil and clove oil, this aerosol spray is safe to use around children and pets when used and stored as directed.


Get creative to declutter